The strangest reasons for divorce

For many families divorce is a necessary and deliberate step, caused by difference in priorities, dependencies, lies or lack of communication. But sometimes people split for far more unusual reasons. We present to you some of the most curious reasons for divorce in the world.

The cleaning maniac

In 2009 a woman filed a claim for divorce, because she was tired of watching her man spending his whole time cleaning. One would think that it is not a big deal, but things got too far when the man destroyed one of the interior walls of their home and built a new one, claiming that it was too dirty.

Too much cake

They say that a happy man is a well fed man. The saying was proved wrong in China, where a husband was subject to systematic harassment by his wife. The loving spouse forced her man to eat cakes, which she had made, on every meal. After a while and a great deal of cakes this led up to a divorce claim from the Chinese man.

Lost on gambling

There is an interesting case in Murmansk, Russia. An avid gambler lost a big amount of money and wondered what to bet in order to continue the game. He came up with a bizarre solution – he bet his own wife! As one would expect, when the woman found out, the couple separated. But the most interesting part of the story happened later – after divorcing she married to the same guy who had won her on cards.

Football passions

Another man asked for divorce since his spouse had washed his most precious football T-shirt with autographs of football players. The request was approved, as the judge regarded the deed as an act of vandalism.

The intrigue killer

A very unusual interpretation of “harsh treatment” as a reason for divorce has taken place in the United States. The husband was considered by the court as a real sadist. What he did, was to hinder his wife to read criminal novels in a very sneaky way – in each story, that she was reading, he wrote the name of the killer on a casual page in the middle of the book. The court admitted that the husband was harassing his wife and granted a divorce.